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Design of Components

Your specifications and requirements for your application and its use are the foundations of the entire design process. At Soucy Baron, a global study of this essential information is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of molders, estimators, engineers, polymer chemists and technical representatives. When required, specialists of reduction of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and overmolding (rubber-metal) complete this team of professionals.

The engineering department efficiently leads each component design and equipment development projects in both the Canadian and the Chinese (SSR) facilities. If necessary, this service will propose improvements to the concept to reduce costs and increase part performance. In accordance with our standards of quality, formulations and products are first tested in the laboratory and then on site in a production environment, with an iterative improvement process if required.

To complete its component design service, Soucy Baron offers 3D prototype printing for quick, efficient and cost-effective modelling verification.


Soucy Baron Advantages

  • Canadian and Chinese manufacturing of highly complex product design
  • Design meeting the requirements of customers as well as standards, such as ISO 9001, Reach, ASTM D2000 and military
  • Experience in the production of complex parts for critical applications, such as throttle body adaptors
  • Combined expertise in the NVH and overmolding (rubber-metal) fields for the optimization of parts such as engine mounts
  • Skills in quick on-site prototyping and iteration
  • Multidisciplinary development teams designing custom-made components

Technical Resources


  • ANSYS software: finite element analysis
  • Complete CAD workstations (Autodesk Inventor)
  • Complete test and molding department
  • Laboratory for physical and fatigue analysis and testing
  • Metrology laboratory (CMM three-dimensional measurement unit)
  • Characterization equipment for measuring static, dynamic and damping strengths
    (MTS 810 Elastomer Test System)

Tests of physical performance:

  • Adhesion, hardness, rebound, compression,
    and fatigue
  • Tensile, flexural, torsional and tear strengths
  • Resistance to heat, cold and chemicals
    (oils and solvents)
  • Resistance to abrasion, ozone and aging
    (heat and oil)
  • Noise and vibration engineer
  • Molder
  • Estimator
  • Design engineer
  • Laboratory technician
  • Assembly technician
  • Agent in charge of development and testing
  • Chemist specialized in polymers


Examples of Products
Anti-fatigue mat
Anti-fatigue mat
Engine mount
Engine mount
Engine mount
Engine mount
Throttle body adaptor
Throttle body adaptor