Polymer Engineering and Chemistry

With its extensive experience in developing rubber compounds and its formulation database, Soucy Baron can meet your project’s technical requirements and all other requirements pertaining to manufacturing costs or project complexity.

Design of Components

Your specifications and requirements for your product’s application and use are the foundations of the entire design process. The engineering department efficiently leads each component design and equipment development project. If necessary, this service will propose improvements to the concept to reduce costs and increase part performance. To complete its component design service, Soucy Baron offers 3D prototype printing for quick, efficient and cost-effective modelling verification. 

NVH : Noise, Vibration and Harshness Control

Soucy Baron has developed expertise in the analysis and control of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Soucy Baron designs parts so as to reduce these disturbances by controlling elements such as specific rigidity zones on defined axes. In addition, the geometry and compounding of rubber parts are optimized to meet the specifications for the desired rigidity and load cases.

Overmolding and Bonding

Soucy Baron offers recognized expertise in overmolding and bonding techniques. Analysis and tests are performed in our laboratory to rapidly ensure the proper bonding between rubber and metal components.