Powersports and Road Industry

Soucy Baron is specialized in the conception and manufacturing of highly complex rubber components. The company also specializes in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control.

Personal Protective Equipment

The company specializes in components for breathing apparatus such as gas masks. These devices, because of their critical function, require a very high level of accuracy and quality.

Shoe Soles

Soucy Baron can manufacture a wide range of shoe soles of different sizes and colors at the same time.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Soucy Baron produces friction rings and wheels designed for snow blowers and lawn mowers.

Agricultural Equipment

Soucy Baron's multi-purpose facilities and qualified personnel produce a variety of subcomponents of varying sizes to meet the wide range of specifications from the agricultural industry.


One of Soucy Baron's distinctive specialties consists in overmolding rubber and silicone parts with metal inserts to meet military standards.

Various Industries

Whether through the use of an existing formulation or the creation of a custom elastomer mix, our company has equipment to develop, test and produce the desired parts.