Molding and Overmolding
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Molding and Overmolding

To give the desired shape and properties to the elastomeric product,
the compounding (preformed or formed into strips) must be cured. The Soucy Baron team has developed over the years a valuable expertise in molding and overmolding of rubber and silicone, whether colored or black.

The chemical conversion of rubber, called crosslinking reaction, is irreversible.
This transformation, during the vulcanization step, makes the rubber lose its plasticity and confers new properties to it.

Rubber molding can be done by three processes which we have mastered:

  • Injection molding
  • Compression molding
  • Transfer molding

Soucy Baron can also use a flashless mold to produce parts without flash. The parts are produced with a high precision level and require no additional finishing.

The part specification, deflashing and finishing operations, as well as assembly of sub-components, complement the Canadian and Chinese molding activities.

Finally, to produce quality parts in a timely manner, our production departments are supported by:

  • The Engineering Service for product development
  • The Method Service for the industrialization and improvement of production
  • The Workshop Service in charge of machining, maintenance and mold repair
  • The Quality Service for laboratory testing and analysis of products
Examples of Products Made by Molding and Overmolding
Butterfly valve seat
Compression - Butterfly valve seat
compression - hockey puck
Compression - Hockey puck
Compression - Isolator
Connecting link pivoting head
Flashless - Connecting link pivoting head
Valve for Gas mask
Flashless - Valve for Gas mask
Injection - Bushing
Engine mount
Injection - Engine mount
Injection - Engine mount
Injection - Engine mount
Injection - Gasket
Injection - Grommet
Injection - Hose
Injection - Isolator
Injection - Throttle body adaptor
Injection - Throttle body adaptor
Transfert - Bumper
Transfert - Cap
Transfert - Reducer
Transfert - Reducer