Production Capacity

  • 2 60-litre internal mixers
  • 2 external mixing mills
  • 2 preforming machines
  • 1 unloading and strip forming unit


Compounding of an elastomer recipe is an essential phase of the manufacture of a product meeting your specifications and needs. Soucy Baron always uses quality ingredients that are tested and approved. These ingredients are chosen according to the product application.

The final product quality depends on the mixing quality. Thus, the mix must be consistent in order to obtain the same properties for all produced parts.

We have the expertise and facilities to produce specific mixes to manufacture your parts. Precisely tailoring the strips of different thicknesses and widths to the products to be molded, Soucy Baron also pre-forms pieces of various sizes and colors. Our two production lines make mixes comprising carbon black as well as color mixes. These rubber, silicone or fluorosilicone mixes will then feed the compression, injection and transfer molding processes.

Soucy Baron Advantages

  • Design of rubber formulation according to your requirements
  • Control of raw materials
  • Equipment available on site to quickly meet the production needs
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to changes requested by the customer
  • Creation of colored or black mixes from any type of elastomer (SBR, NR, HNBR, ECO, etc.)
  • Complete laboratory on site