Injection Molding
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Production Capacity

  • 1 plastic-injection molding press(140 tons)
  • 1 Rutil injection-molding press
    (350 tons)
  • 16 REP injection-molding presses (160 to 400 tons)
  • 11 DESMA injection-morrlding presses (250 to 450 tons)

Injection Molding

Since 1980, Soucy Baron has developed a significant expertise in injection molding and overmolding. Our facilities and services allow us to produce parts of different sizes and complexities with various types of rubber, silicone and plastic, whether colored or black.

The injection molding method consists in plasticizing a specific volume of injected mix under a rotating screw (shear). Pushed by the screw movement, this pressurized plasticized mix continuously enters the flow outlet (nozzle). Then, the plasticized mix enters the injection head to reach the mold cavities to shape the product. When the vulcanization (curing) is completed, the part is removed from the cavity and then deflashed to remove excess rubber.

Soucy Baron Advantages

  • Strong expertise in injection molding since 1980 and clientele well established in this field
  • Capabilities of plastic injection
  • Excellent production capacity in Canada and China in a timely manner
  • Specialization in overmolding (gluing of rubber on metal or plastic inserts)
  • Modifications or repairs to the mold mostly performed quickly on site
  • Deflashing and assembly as required
Examples of Products Made by Injection Molding
Plastic - Retainer
Plastic - Wedge
Rubber - Adaptor Manifold
Rubber - Adaptor Manifold
Air admission
Rubber - Air admission
Rubber - Air admission
Rubber - Air admission
Rubber  - Air intake
Rubber - Air intake
Cable support
Rubber - Cable support
Engine mount
Rubber - Engine mount
Rubber - Engine mount
Rubber - Engine mount
Throttle body adaptor
Rubber - Throttle body adaptor
Wheel for rubber track
Rubber - Wheel for rubber track system
Gas mask
Silicone - Gas mask
Inlet valve
Silicone - Inlet valve
Silicone - Nosecup