Cryogenic Deflashing and Assembly
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Production Capacity

  • 1 cryogenic system
Cryogenic removal of flash and Assembly

Cryogenic Deflashing and Assembly

Cryogenic finishing of parts consists in removing rubber flash, which can be found on the part after molding. This process allows meeting strict deflashing tolerances, removing flash and producing a beautiful finish. Our facilities therefore can provide high quality finished products at a competitive price.

The cryogenic deflashing is a liquid nitrogen cooling trimming technique. When the nitrogen evaporates, it turns into a gas and the cold flash becomes brittle and breaks on parts that are tumbled in a cylinder. This technique allows deflashing numerous parts at once while maintaining the integrity of the parts, whether they are fragile or not.

Soucy Baron also offers activities of sub-component and component assembly to provide a comprehensive service to the customer. 

Soucy Baron Advantages

  • Precise deflashing with minimal tolerances
  • Rapid and high-volume deflashing
  • Proven processes for a similar deflashing result from one batch to another
  • Complementary techniques to deflashing methods to meet every need
  • Assembly as per your requirements
Examples of Products Using Cryogenic deflashing AND ASSEMBLY
Engine mount with clinch nut
Assembly - Engine mount with clinch nut
Assembly - Nosecup
Bumper toe
Cryogenic deflashing - Bumper toe
Cap and cover
Cryogenic deflashing - Cap
Gas mask
Cryogenic deflashing - Gas mask
Cryogenic deflashing - Gasket
Cryogenic deflashing - Handlebar
Cryogenic deflashing - Sole