Compression and Transfer Molding
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Production Capacity

  • 29 compression presses (150 tons)
  • 3 compression presses (450 tons)
  • 1 compression press (50 tons)
  • 2 laboratory compression presses (25 tons)

Compression and Transfer Molding

Since its inception, Soucy Baron has taken advantage of its extensive knowledge of compression molding techniques to bring its customers innovative products. The fabrication of shoe soles has been, and remains, an important activity for our company. Over time, we have acquired a critical expertise in compression molding and overmolding with several types of rubbers and silicones, whether colored or black.

Compression molding consists of placing a pre-formed piece of the mix in the cavities of the mold heated by the press plates.  

As for the transfer molding, it consists of placing a piece of rubber in a heated shooting pot which, by the effect of compression when the mold is closed, transfers the material in the mold cavities.

This pressure forces the rubber to take the shape of the cavity (depending on the product to be made) and the excess rubber, called flash, flows around the cavity. The part is then trimmed to remove flash.

Soucy Baron Advantages

  • Strong expertise in compression molding since 1969, and clientele well established in this field
  • Specialization in overmolding (gluing of rubber on metal or plastic inserts)
  • Excellent production capacity in Canada and China in a timely manner
  • Ability to modify or repair molds, which are mainly crafted on site rapidly
  • Deflashing and assembly as required




Examples of Products Made by Compression and Transfer Molding
Compression  - Grommet
Compression - Grommet
Compression - Anti-fatigue mat
Compression - Anti-fatigue mat
Compression - Bumper
Link and engine mount
Compression - Engine mount
Hockey puck
Compression - Hockey puck
Compression - Neckdam
Compression - Sole
Airplane window seal
Transfer - Airplane window seal
Transfer - Bumper
Transfer - Reducer
Valve for Gas mask
Transfer - Valve for Gas mask