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Our Compounding Laboratory Include, Among Other Equipment:

  • 1 internal mixer (1.5 litres)
  • 2 mixing mills (1 and 1.5 litres)
  • 2 laboratory compression molding presses (25 tons)
  • 1 compression molding press (35 tons)

Our Testing Laboratory Offers, Among Other Equipment:

  • Equipment for rheological and physico-chemical tests
  • Characterization equipment for measuring static, dynamic and damping properties: MTS 810 Elastomer Test System
  • Metrology laboratory: CMM coordinate measurement unit
  • Equipment for testing of physical performance

Testing and Validation

Soucy Baron has mastered the art of mobilizing resources to ensure the quality of parts and that their design are tailored to the customers' specifications and expectations.

It is in our modern facilities, including laboratories and workshops, that we conduct inspections and tests to validate products and ensure their compliance.

Acceptance inspection: Our laboratories are equipped with all the equipment and instruments required to analyze compounds and raw materials. The metrology center also allows the geometric control of the inserts.

Control of mixes: The physical and chemical properties of each rubber batch are checked by experts. A rheological curve is carried out for each batch to ensure that the curing process will comply with specifications.

The equipment available for rheological and physico-chemical tests are the RPA 2000 tester, an XDR analyzer, a hydrometer, a durometer, an infrared device, a microscope and a pH meter.

Inspection of finished products: Every production inception of a new product is preceded by an analysis - a qualification process - during which compliance and validation testing as well as dimensional verification are performed. Upon request, reports and a few parts can be sent to the customer for approval.

The product verification plan defines general and specific checks and tests at each stage of manufacture. The monitoring of test results ensures quality consistence. In addition, the operation of an on-site laboratory facilitates iterations during product development.

Our equipment can perform the following physical performance tests:

  • Density, hardness and elongation modulus
  • Rebounding, compression, and fatigue
  • Tensile, flexural, torsional and tear strength
  • Resistance to heat, cold and chemicals (oils and solvents)
  • Resistance to abrasion, ozone and aging (heat and oil)
  • Physical and fatigue tests and analyzes in laboratory
  • Static and fatigue adhesion (test specimen and product)

Testing and validation equipment:

  • Metrology laboratory (CMM three-dimensional measurement unit)
  • Characterization equipment for static, dynamic and damping properties (MTS 810 Elastomer Test System)

In addition to ensuring compliance of parts with your requirements, checks and tests during manufacturing ensure timely delivery of products with the best quality/price ratio.