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Soucy : Together Stronger

Soucy Baron is part of Soucy Holdings Inc., a private corporation founded by Mr. Gilles Soucy in 1967. The Soucy Group employs 1,500 employees in 10 subsidiaries and business locations in North America and Asia.

Each company has developed specific expertise and hires specialized personnel capable of offering unique solutions to complex problems in a very short timeframe.


Our mission

For the agricultural, recreational, industrial and defense sectors:

  • To be the world leader in tracks and rubber track systems.
  • To be the partner of choice of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to carry out the design and manufacture of plastic, polyurethane, rubber and metal parts.

For the after-sales market:

  • To be an added-value designer, manufacturer and distributor of recreational vehicle parts and accessories.

Our core value

To reach excellence, we must build on the strengths of each team member and work closely to achieve the set objectives.

We are recognized for the great respect we have towards our customers, partners and colleagues because we are people of heart and discipline.

Customer focus
Being customer focused is knowing how to listen and innovate in order to meet the real needs of our customers.

Innovation is an everyday reality, a passion that drives us. It represents a guideline that steers the actions of every employee.

Commitment towards excellence
There is within our organization a willingness that characterizes us most: that of exceeding our objectives and continually improving ourselves by aiming for the best practices of the industry.

Soucy Baron

Soucy Baron

  • Rubber parts molding
Soucy Plastique

Soucy Plastiques inc.

  • UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene)
  • Mainly compression molding, as well as extrusion and injection
Soucy International

Soucy International inc.

  • Track systems for tractors and recreational vehicles
  • Parts and accessories
  • Rubber tracks

Soucy Caoutchouc

  • Rubber tracks molding
Soucy Techno

Soucy Techno inc.

  • Rubber compounds and polyethylene-based colour concentrates
Soucy Rivalair

Soucy Rivalair inc.

  • Machining, CMM inspection, tube bending and forming, stamping, welding, liquid painting, assembly, bar turning, turnkey projects

Soucy Belgen inc.

  • Gray iron, ductile cast iron and ADI

Soucy China inc.

  • Purchase and quality assurance

Quality and Expertise

In partnership with our clients, we define, design and manufacture various components for leading manufacturers of recreational, industrial, agricultural and defense vehicles. Although very different in form and function, all of the parts we produce are the results of our commitment to quality and meticulous work methods.

Soucy is renowned as a leading provider in the OEM market across many industries thanks to our technological innovations and high-quality products.