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About Soucy Baron

Founded in 1968 in St-Jérôme with the manufacture of shoe soles as a main activity, our company, then named Baron Rubber, has diversified its activities to become a leader in the design, testing and fabrication of molded elastomeric parts requiring advanced technical expertise and accuracy.

Renamed Soucy Baron Inc. in 1996, our organization now has 61 presses and two laboratories in its 125,000 sq. ft. facility. This equipment allows us to produce high quality and complex parts that meet your technical requirements. Moreover, Soucy Baron is certified ISO 9001.

In addition to injection, compression, transfer and flashless molding presses, Soucy Baron possesses equipment for rubber mixing and cryogenic finishing of parts.

A line dedicated to bonding of metal inserts ensures the production of rubber-metal parts. This equipment mainly produces parts for the control of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), a Soucy Baron specialty.

We also have a plant in China, Shanghai Soucy Rubber – ISO 9001 certified – where we can offer you large production capacity at a competitive price.

Technical Account Manager explains the possibilities at Soucy Baron

Recognized Design and Production Capabilities

Our engineering and design service, which has developed expertise in NVH and finite element analysis
(FEA, using the ANSYS software) helps our customers develop new products. Thanks to our expertise in creating formulations for elastomer mixes, combined with our activities in overmolding and rubber-to- metal bonding, we offer complete solutions to our customers.

Awards in 2016:

BRP Gold Globe 2016 Award Let’s Celebrate Partneship from ADRIQ and NSERC for Soucy Baron and CDCQ.
BRP Gold Globe
2015-2016 Supplier Award
(Quality- On-time Delivery)

2016 Award Let’s Celebrate Partneship
from ADRIQ and NSERC for Soucy Baron and CDCQ.



 2016 Polaris Award
(On-time Delivery)

 2016 Polaris Award

Awards in 2015:

2015 Delivery Performance Award  from Polaris
2015 Quality Achievement Award from Polaris
2015 Delivery Performance Award 
from Polaris
(on-time delivery)

2015 Quality Achievement Award from Polaris
(global quality)
Platinum-Status-Award-for-Outstanding-Supplier-Performance-in-2015-from-Arctic-Cat   Certificate-of-Achievement-for-Zero-Defect-Status-in-2015-from-Arctic-Cat
 Platinum Status Award for Outstanding Supplier Performance in 2015 from Arctic Cat. Certificate of Achievement for Zero Defect Status in 2015 from Arctic Cat.

Awards in 2014:


Polaris Star Program 2014 image   mercadOr

BRP Gold Plate 
(cost, quality and service)

Star Program 2014
from Polaris
(cost reduction)

2014 Delivery Performance Award
from Polaris
(on-time delivery)

2014 MercadOr
from Laurentides International

(Leadership in exportation)

Awards in 2013:

    BRP Prize         



BRP Silver Plate
(cost, quality and delay)

Zénith "Employer of Choice" Award
Zénith "Investments - Structures and Equipments" Award
from the CCISJ
(Saint Jérôme Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

2013 Delivery Performance Award from Polaris
(on-time delivery) 

Soucy Baron is also proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of hockey puck of Sher-Wood Hockey. We have had a long-time collaboration with our customers, most of them for over 30 years! Another fact that attests to the quality of our services, and the result of our teamwork and commitment.

Examples of Applications Made by Soucy Baron by Activity Field

Our customers are not only from Canada, but also the United States, Asia and Europe. They work mainly in the following sectors:

  • Powersports and road industry: throttle body adaptor, engine mount and handlebar
  • Defense: gasket, socket for tank tracks and component for gas mask
  • Personal protective equipment: gas mask, valve and hose
  • Shoe soles: high-heel sole and work boot sole
  • Agricultural equipment: wheel for rubber tracks
  • Lawn and garden equipment: friction wheel and friction ring
  • NVH: footrest and engine mount

Whether you are looking for production capacity or technical expertise, contact us! Our two production channels, Canadian and Chinese, will meet your needs quickly and accurately.